Broad General Education

All children and young people in Scotland have an entitlement to a curriculum which will support them in developing their values and beliefs and enable them to:

  • achieve the highest possible levels of literacy and numeracy and cognitive skills
  • develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • develop knowledge and understanding of society, the world and Scotland's place in it
  • experience challenge and success so that they can develop well-informed views and act responsibly.

They should be encouraged to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle and be equipped with the skills needed for planning their future lives and careers.

The period of education from pre-school to the end of S3 has the particular purpose of providing each young person in Scotland with this broad general education.

Mirren Park School places an emphasis on young people attaining in Mathematics, Languages (English) and Health & Wellbeing as the foundation for developing the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence and for enabling the delivery of an innovative, bespoke curriculum. The school offers wide opportunities within Technological subjects, Sciences and Social Studies as well as focus on Personal Development, Moral Education and Pro-Social Development. Expressive Arts are available to our young people in the form of our Art Project Room, our partnership links with Diane Mitchell School of Music / Brick Lane Studios and other local art initiatives.