In August 2004, a small independent school was set up in Johnstone, Renfrewshire called Johnstone Technical Education Centre (JTEC), part of an organisation known as MPS Training Limited. The original premise of the school was to act as a training wing for a local construction company MPS Construction Limited, enrolling young people coming towards the end of their compulsory education and offering them additional support and pre-vocational learning opportunities working towards gaining an apprenticeship within the construction industry. The model provided the young people core skills, personal development, health and wellbeing and pre-vocational learning opportunities such as woodwork, constructions skills and glazing.

Within a few years the curriculum and school building grew substantially whereby young people were attending JTEC on a full-time basis as an alternative to their 3rd and 4th years of secondary education. In 2006, two new schools were opened in Clydebank (CTEC) and Greenock (GTEC) offering similar day education placements for young people in those local authority and surrounding areas. The three schools were combined in 2011 and based at the Clydebank site.

In June 2014, the school changed ownership and appointed a new board of directors. The decision was then made to relocate the school in Paisley, Renfrewshire with a new name and new developmental focus – Mirren Park School was born! The school has forged close partnership links with organisations such as Colleges, local authority education, employability and social work provisions and local businesses and children’s services organisations.

In September 2018 Mirren Park School was bought by Young Foundations Ltd.