Mirren Park School has evolved a unique Integrated e-Mentoring System which is implemented through the school’s digital Individualised Learning Environment.  This innovative approach enables all information regarding a young person to be fully recorded, tracked and accessible to all relevant stakeholders, thus promoting effective communication for both young people and staff both within and outwith the school with other involved professionals, parents and carers. 

Of critical importance in developing each aspect of the Mirren Park School curriculum is the concept of Mentoring as a support and early intervention approach, with each young person enabled to choose a Mentor to provide the level of support he/she requires throughout his/her placement.

This role involves staff in several ways:

  1. As an Educational Mentor, teaching and supporting the development of the Mirren Park School Curriculum and monitoring, recording and tracking the effectiveness of any Individualised Education Programme.
  2. As a Personal Mentor, when chosen to act in this way by a young person, listening and supporting the development of his/her Individualised Education Programme.
  3. As a Pastoral Mentor, collating via the Individualised Learning Environment the reports, assessments and evaluations to be presented by senior staff membersat Education Reviews and external meetings.                                                        

The first part of the role involves the Educational Mentor in liaising with other staff in planning and developing the Individualised Educational Programme for a young person and monitoring the effectiveness of the placement, as well as following up the young person after leaving school to determine placement effectiveness. The Personal and Pastoral elements of the Mentoring concept helps to enable the growth of positive relationships, pupil voice and supports in terms of multi-agency liaison regarding social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of our young people.