Referral Process

Professionals interested in obtaining a place in Mirren Park School for an appropriate young person should:

  1. Speak in the first instance to the Education Administration Office as to the availability of places, telephone 0141 404 2784 and request more information or a referral form.

  2. At the Invitation of the Centre Manager, the young person and associated professional staff should make a preliminary visit to discuss the value / expectations of the proposed placement.

  3. Notification will be given to the professional as to whether a provisional place has been allocated together with a suggested start date, so that the requisite arrangements can be put in place. No placement can be approved until explicit approval is given in writing by the relevant local authority link officer in charge of allocating such placements.

Placement Monitoring and Review

Integral to the success of a Mirren Park School placement is an ongoing process of multi-agency planning meetings. These allow the success and limitations of each phase of the placement to be considered and built on, to ensure the optimum opportunity for each young person to make the most of his/her experience.

A Post Placement Meeting takes place after six weeks, at which all concerned can determine the appropriateness of the placement and whether the young person’s additional support needs can be adequately met. The next phase of his/her Individual Educational Programme (IEP) can then be determined, so that everyone involved knows what targets are to be attained, and what their role is in the process.

Education Reviews take place on a six-monthly basis, or before if needed, to monitor the effectiveness of the IEP in attaining its targets, and allowing the next phase of the young person’s experience to be planned and organised.

A Transition Planning Review takes place on completion of the placement, at which the effectiveness of the IEP in meeting its targets, goals and aim is established. Based on the success of the placement, the young person's transition to school, college and the world of work can be formalised and the requisite support put in place to provide the optimal opportunity for this experience to be successful. Close liaison with agencies such as Skills Development Scotland, West College Scotland, Young Enterprise Scotland as well as local authority post-16 skills / training opportunity coordinators will be ensured in the lead up to this point.