Skills for learning, life and work


Curriculum for Excellence will support all children and young people in developing skills which they will use throughout their life and in their work, including the development of pre-vocational, enterprising and employability skills, personal skills, high levels of cognitive skills and the opportunity to put learning into a practical context.

These skills for life and skills for work are embedded across all curriculum areas and include learning which falls within a broad definition of 'vocational'; that is learning which is generally about the development of pre-vocational and employability skills which will be made use of in future working life.

A strong focus on literacy and numeracy is essential; all children and young people require these skills to gain access to learning and to succeed in life. Confidence and competence in literacy and numeracy provide the foundations for lifelong learning.

Making the link between the classroom and workplace can help young people to see the relevance of their learning and understand the contribution that they can make to their schools and colleges, to their community and to the economy. They can feel valued and involved and experience challenge and enjoyment; their confidence can increase with, potentially, a positive impact on their levels of attainment and achievement. This is a main focus of Mirren Park School in making effective links with local mainstream Schools, Colleges and Universities, employers and businesses, charities and the local and wider community in general. We aim to support our young people in having positive experiences and outcomes out-with our school and for the local community to benefit by our work with them.